Gas Natural Mexico issued 3- and 7-year bonds valued at €152 million

  • The issuance, oversubscribed nearly fourfold, will optimise the company’s financial structure, refinancing part of its debt in stock certificates that mature this year.
  • The high demand improved on the issuance margins in 2015.

GAS NATURAL MEXICO closed an issuance of bonds this week in the amount of €152 million (3.5 billion Mexican pesos). This issuance was set in two segments: one for €87 million (2 billion Mexican pesos) at 3 years with a variable rate and a 0.40% margin, and another for €65 million (1.5 billion Mexican pesos) at 7 years with a fixed rate and a 1.44% margin.

The issuance attracted high demand and was oversubscribed nearly fourfold. The issuance, not guaranteed by the parent company, has a AA+ Mx rating from Standard & Poors and AAA Mx from Fitch.

This issuance makes it possible to optimise the financial structure of the company, following the path of diversification of financial instruments and offering the value of stable operational performance, growth potential and solid positioning of the company in Mexico.

GAS NATURAL MEXICO General Manager Narcís de Carreras said that this transaction “reflects the company’s commitment to the country and shows that the energy sector is attractive for investors”.