Community and sponsorship

We maintain a commitment of permanent collaboration with society

We allocate resources to cultural, social, sustainability and environmental programmes

We maintain a working commitment to society that goes much further than our business activity, with resources dedicated to social, cultural, sustainability and environmental programmes. These financial contributions strengthen our commitment to positively integrate into each community and country where we operate.

With culture

Our efforts in the field of cultural sponsorship are aimed at fostering and promoting music and art. We sponsor the music programmes and arts seasons of various institutions throughout the country.
We are a member of the Patronage Board of the Liceu, thus collaborating with initiatives that promote culture and the opera.
We support the foundational aims of the Teatro Real, which are geared toward scheduling and managing music, poetry and choreographic activities.
We collaborate with the MNAC in promoting and disseminating the history of Catalan art.

With the environment and the sustainability

We work with different institutions that aim to preserve the environment, conserve and rehabilitate habitats, and generate debate on trends and opportunities in the energy and sustainable development sector. We also collaborate with entities conducting educational activities on sustainability, energy and the environment.  

Forética’s mission is to foster the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects into the strategy and management of companies and organisations. With one objective: to achieve a sustainable future.
This organisation is dedicated to maintaining and developing work in a variety of areas, such as the recovery and rehabilitation of fauna, the breeding of threatened species in captivity, the conservation of natural species and environmental education and awareness-raising.
This organisation works to restore and conserve ecosystems, transferring academic knowledge to operational projects with maximum social performance.
We collaborate with Bosquia to care for and protect our forests.

With research and talent

We contribute and promote a better understanding of the different issues related to energy and we consider research, development and innovation as priority matters in collaboration with different entities.

We sponsor the “Efficient Energy Use” category of the Energy Awards.
Communication platform created with the aim of connecting women directors and entrepreneurs from all sectors and professional categories to encourage and contribute towards healthy habits of women within companies.

With training

Education and university activity are part of our areas of action. With this aim, we collaborate with entities that foster the promotion and training of young people, among other actions.

Our company is a member of the board of trustees of this Foundation, which aims to promote education and training for young people.
This organisation promotes teaching and research in science, chemistry and business management. We collaborate with two grants.
We collaborate with Energy Club, an entity which promotes activities for education and analysis of the energy sector through arranging conferences such as Global Energy Day.


If you have a partnership proposal, get in touch with us using the sponsorship request form.