We innovate for you

Innovation: one of our key springboards for growth

How we perceive innovation enables us to transform risks into opportunities, as a contribution to creating a streamlined company capable of existing within a framework of constant transformation with solvency.

It also encourages the implementation of new or improved practises, new business models and technologies that help us be more efficient and competitive and remain on the cutting edge, while placing customers at the centre of all our efforts.

Strategic lines

We develop projects to produce renewable gas and inject it into the network, to promote a sustainable and circular energy model. A 100% renewable circular economy product that turns waste into a solution. 

We produce renewable gas—destined to become the energy vector of the future—for use in the domestic, industrial or mobility sectors via electrolysis with surplus renewable electricity.

We promote smart systems and infrastructures to decentralise power distribution points, which transforms current models and generates new business opportunities.

We develop sustainable solutions for heavy- and light-duty transport related to the use and development of biomethane, green hydrogen, electricity and VNG. We are committed to alternative fuels as a means of decarbonising the economy.

We are committed to a balanced energy mix and efficient management of renewable resources based on innovative renewable generation initiatives and projects, such as floating offshore wind power or hybridisation with storage.

Our innovation projects


StoreLAB renewable hybridisation project


La Robla green hydrogen plant

Sustainable mobility

LNG on Wheels

We maintain an open and innovative attitude to identify opportunities and develop new business models capable of meeting market and customer demands. Naturgy fosters entrepreneurship, both within the company and in partnership with universities, start-ups, research organisations, entrepreneurs and public authorities.


Through open innovation projects, we keep an open attitude to observe and identify opportunities and trends and determine the status, development and progress of new business and service models, to discover new ideas that can meet the demands of the market and customers.

Connecting Energy is a programme that boosts digitalisation and incubates projects related to energy transition