Environmental management and governance

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation and more demanding voluntary requirements; anticipate and adapt to new regulations.


  • Prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts throughout the entire value chain, by training employees and promoting their involvement as well as that of collaborating companies and stakeholders.


  • Integrate the environment into risk and opportunity management, strategic decisionmaking, and mergers and asset acquisitions through environmental due diligence.


  • Set targets to continuous improvement in environmental performance.


  • Have an externally audited and certified environmental management system that  meets the criteria of the Global Integrated Management Systems Policy.


  • Promote transparency in line with international reporting standards to facilitate communication with our stakeholders.


  • Support the dissemination of knowledge and awareness of energy and environmental issues and promote constructive dialogue with public administrations, NGOs, universities, customers and other stakeholders.
  •  We have an organisational structure that defines the environmental responsibilities of the various units.


  •  We have a global tool for identifying, recording and overseeing compliance with legal and applicable environmental requirements that is used in all countries and at all facilities. It enables us to control the more than 5,200 environmental requirements we are required to meet worldwide. 


  •  Sustainability and the environment are essential criteria of our procurement and supplier management model, which fosters the procurement of products and services that respect the environment and those that are manufactured in socially acceptable conditions. 


  •  We record and track all environmental incidents and accidents that occur at our facilities in order to learn, prevent more serious events and reduce the risk.


  •  Every business sets annual environmental targets to foster ongoing improvement. 


  •  We are listed on the most renowned sustainability indices, to which we provide information that is externally verified and puts us among the best companies in the world.


  • We support various specialised conferences and issue publications on the environment and energy for sharing our knowledge with society.

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