The priority goal for the corporate website of Naturgy is to build closer ties with users from all perspectives. Hence, a design has been created that allows the website to be perceived, understood, browsed and interacted with.

  • The conceptualisation and design process took into account the methodology called User-Centred Design, and has been validated with end users through real testing.


  • Access for all has been sought regardless of their conditions, be they environmental (noise, older browsers, slow connections, etc.) or physical (visual, auditory, motor, language-based or age-related).


  • Technologically, it has been developed to ensure compliance with UNE and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards at the intermediate level (AA).
  • The presentation layer is based on the recommendations of the W3C on Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2 (CSS2), and the standard recommended for HTML use has been applied, using XHTML 1.0 Strict as verification.

This has all led to benefits such as:

  • HTML and Style Sheets created to ensure proper display and to make the web site adaptable to various devices, providing almost universal access to information.


  • In addition, the font sizes have been defined in relative units so that they can be increased or decreased from inside the browser.


  • Browsing with or without style sheets enabled. And browsing with or without JavaScript enabled. All this work has resulted in this system being able to universally offer Naturgy content to users.

Regarding the features offered, three cases are distinguished:

  • The features with no integration with other systems, which have been developed in this project following the guidelines outlined in the accessibility standards.


  • The features integrated with other systems: the technical complexity of integrating these services has prevented their development. In this sense, Naturgy is committed to continue working to ensure all its applications are fully accessible.


  • Third-party features: our commitment to accessibility is applied to all partner companies with which the company works. Therefore, they have been asked for their commitment and management to ensure the accessibility of their applications.