La Robla

La Robla thermal power plant was located in the municipality of La Robla in the province of León.

La Robla thermal power plant was located 25km north of the capital of the province of León. The plot where the power plant was located is in a strategic location with good road and rail communications, allowing the costs of transporting goods, raw materials and products to be kept to a minimum.

Key figures


Year commercial operations began

Adjacent installations

Gypsum, ash and slag landfill


Date dismantling started

41 months

Estimated end date for dismantling


Progress of the dismantling


In defining the dismantling works, environmental measures and safety procedures have been considered a priority to ensure they are carried out correctly and that third parties and the environment are not affected.

The buildings and installations at the power plants feature different types and combinations of structural elements. Therefore, a combination of manual and mechanical procedures have been incorporated into the dismantling and demolition methodology, in some cases combining the two types of procedures and using explosives to carry out controlled blasting.

Trabajos de desmantelamiento realizados
Los trabajos de desmantelamiento que se han realizado hasta la fecha:  
  • Se han completado las tareas de limpieza y eliminación de atmósferas explosivas de depósitos y circuitos.  
  • Se han desmantelado los sistemas eléctricos (incluidos los trafos de potencia), y los equipos principales (turbina, alternador, molinos, ventiladores, …) y buena parte de las tuberías de interconexión entre caldera y turbina, tras haber retirado previamente el aislamiento térmico de las mismas.
Contrataciones locales
Estos trabajos cuentan con unas 90 personas en obra, de las que las siguientes son de contratación local: 
  • 9 personas procedentes del listado del Instituto de Transición Justa (de ellas 7 residentes en Cerceda, Ordes o Carral).
  • 17 personas residentes en Cerceda, Ordes o Carral.
  • 45 personas residentes en otros ayuntamientos de la provincia.
  • Participación puntual de empresas locales


Three photovoltaic power generation projects, totalling 600 MW, which are expected to generate 2,400 direct jobs and 1,900 indirect jobs:

  • Los Corrales (250 MW)
  • La Serna (50 MW)
  • La Pradera (300 MW)

A renewable hydrogen production plant, together with Enagás Renovable, where the production capacity will reach up to 280 MW. With an estimated investment of 485 million euros, this new plant is scheduled to come into operation in 2026. This plant will prevent more than 430,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere per year, contributing to the decarbonisation of industrial processes and the development of sustainable mobility.

Electrical storage system with standalone connected lithium-ion batteries. The aim of the project is to provide stability in the network, facilitating synchronicity between increasingly renewable generation and consumption. The battery will have a capacity of 40 MWh and a power of 20 MW. The expected job creation is 15 direct jobs during the construction phase and 1 direct job in the operation and maintenance phase.

Projects under study

The following projects to be carried out by third parties are also under study:

Project 1

Roblum Project, consisting of a 50 MW biomass (forestry and agricultural) power plant developed by Reolum, subject to the biomass generation auction and obtaining the administrative authorisations.

  • Renewable (CO2 neutral) and manageable technology.

  • Ideal location (water available, connection to the electricity network and logistics).

  • Significant investment and sustained economic activity.

  • Creation of direct (construction and exploitation) and indirect (sustainable exploitation of forests) jobs.

  • Supplementary income for farmers in the area due to the use of agricultural by-products.

Project 2

Project to reuse the desulphurisation plant, using part of the facilities (desulphurisation plant) for the manufacture of commercial materials from by-products. Full-scale testing is required and the impacts on dismantling are under analysis.

Project 3

Project to convert the former residence and/or employee housing into a leisure and holiday resort aimed at single-parent and vulnerable families and minors (under study by Naturgy Foundation).

Naturgy and Enagás Renovable present the future renewable hydrogen plant in La Robla, where the production capacity will increase to 280 MW

This new plant, with commissioning scheduled for 2026 and an estimated investment of 485 million euros, will be located on the land where the former Naturgy thermal power plant used to stand, the definitive closure of which was authorised in 2020 and is currently in the process of being dismantled. Naturgy and Enagás Renovable have launched the Robla Hub joint venture to implement the project.

Naturgy successfully completes demolition of the cooling tower at La Robla thermal power plant

Naturgy today successfully carried out controlled demolition of the cooling towers of La Robla thermal power plant after several weeks of preparation. The operation was carried out with the maximum security measures, minimum environmental impact and rigorous compliance with current regulations. The dismantling of the plant is being carried out according to the established programme and almost 50% of the planned works have already been completed.

Enagás and Naturgy promote the largest green hydrogen plant in Spain in León

Enagás and Naturgy will jointly develop the production of green hydrogen in La Robla. The Enagás-promoted project, which is part of the Green Crane initiative, has already been put forward as a candidate for an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) and a project for the Just Transition in Castilla y León.

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