Energy vulnerability

We have introduced a Spain-wide plan for vulnerable individuals, intended to reinforce and standardise the management of these customers, strengthen its partnership with community sector entities and improve relationship mechanisms with social bodies.

The plan reinforces actions we were already undertaking through some 20 measures designed to serve and protect vulnerable customers. This is why we have strengthened our team, with approximately 60 people throughout Spain who will provide support and advisory measures for vulnerable individuals as well as local, regional and national authorities.

These actions are part of our commitment to action, mitigating situations of vulnerability.

What does Naturgy do?

We have always been aware of the energy poverty issue and the difficult situations experienced by our customers. That is why we offer easier payment methods and develop the systems needed for the rapid and flexible prioritisation of vulnerable customers.

We currently have agreements in place with various public authorities throughout Spain –especially regional governments– that allow vulnerable customers to be protected.

The Role of the Naturgy Foundation

Property renovation

A charity initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of vulnerable families by renovating their homes.

Energy School

The Energy School educates social services professionals and families on matters related to energy efficiency and responsible consumption.

Prize for the best social energy initiative

We put the spotlight on people, entities or institutions that stand out in the social domain, directly or indirectly linked to energy.

Energy volunteering

Solidarity and commitmentdrive our employee volunteers to directly advise people in a situation of energy vulnerability.

Acces to energy

We carry out our activities in areas where the entire population does not have access to energy, and it is our priority to help people living in these zones. That is why we actively work to develop distribution networks in order to offer these customers a secure supplied.

We are also aware of the different issues and situations that can make it difficult to pay for energy. For that reason, we use a series of  mechanisms to facilitate supply continuity and protect vulnerable customers. Furthermore, we have always had a proactive policy to combat energy poverty that protects vulnerable customers in Spain by fulfilling current legislation and promoting collaboration agreements with several public and private organisms.

Useful information

Energy Vulnerability Plan