We want to continue contributing to social and economic development, so we seek new uses for sites

Our actions as part of the transition towards low-carbon activity are always performed responsibly with society

As part of the dismantling work, safety procedures and environmental measures that do not cause damage to third parties and the environment have been prioritised. One such example is ensuring that the risk posed by demolition techniques are minimal and that materials and dismantling equipment are revalued and recycled.

To give sites a second life, we have drawn up investment plans in the affected areas which prioritise the most efficient generation technologies that produce the least emissions and are most respectful to the environment, and include the commitment to the development of photovoltaic and wind farms; the development of technologies associated with the production of hydrogen; and the allocation of land and facilities to entities and institutions for other social purposes.


Relevant income for the local council in the form of levies and the tax on construction, installations and works (although not recurring)


Creation of both skilled and unskilled employment, with these positions potentially being filled by local residents

Economic Activity

Generation of economic activity in the area, in some cases directly contracting services

Due to the dismantling work, we have drawn up investment plans in the affected areas that prioritise the most efficient and environmentally respectful generation technologies, with fewer emissions.

The alternative plans to date are as follows:

  • Development of photovoltaic plants and substation.

  • Green hydrogen plant with Enagás.
  • Biomass plant developed by a third party.
  • Plant for the production of hydromagnesite using the plant’s desulphurisation facilities.
  • Meirama, As Encrobas and Teixos wind farms and substation. Positive Environmental Impact Declaration obtained for the Meirama wind farm in November 2022 and the As Encrobas wind farm in December 2022.
  • Development of the green hydrogen production hub with Repsol and Reganosa.
  • Biogas plant with Repsol and Reganosa.
  • Transferral of the town annexed to the plant to Tineo town council for social purposes, subject to the awarding of grants for its rehabilitation.