Gas Natural Fenosa fosters energy efficiency in rural tourism establishments in Leon

  • The power company is offering members of the Rural Tourism Association of Leon the chance to conduct studies on how to improve their energy efficiency, as well as advantageous conditions for their gas, electricity and service bills.

The Delegate for Castile-Leon of Gas Natural Servicios, José Manuel Toral, and the Chairman of the Rural Tourism Association of Leon (ALETUR), Juan Víctor Moro, signed a partnership agreement this morning to foster energy savings at the Rural Tourism centres in the province of Leon.

The agreement, which will remain in effect for one year, includes significant competitive advantages for members of the association in terms of their gas, electricity and other energy service contracts.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA also offers association members the chances to access free efficiency studies, with the aim of improving their heating, hot water, air conditioning and lighting installations.

Under this agreement, the power company will offer the hospitality sector efficient energy management solutions for the production of heat and hot water (renovation and conversion of centralised boiler rooms for heating and hot water from diesel to LPG or natural gas), air conditioning and lighting, covering up to 100% of the investment as well as their regulatory maintenance and trouble-shooting during the term of the contracts, with the Gasconfort, Climaconfort and Ledplus energy solutions.

Gas Natural Servicios in Leon

Gas Natural Servicios, a subsidiary of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, has over 200,000 gas and electricity customers in Leon, 31,000 maintenance service contracts (Servigas and Servielectric) and more than 100 customers with comprehensive energy management and efficient lighting solution contracts.

Rural Tourism Association of Leon

The Rural Tourism Association of Leon (ALETUR) brings together rural tourism business owners in the capital city and province of Leon. It fosters the promotion of activities by its members and defends the rights and interests of hospitality business owners, as well as the tourism promotion of member establishments.