Interest in people

​We promote opportunities, equality and diverse talent management as excellence and social commitment

We foster a safe, quality working environment, prioritising the personal and professional development of our employees. In line with this vision, 98.7% of our employment contracts are permanent. We also promote a working environment based on respect, dialogue, appreciation of diversity and, naturally, responsible behaviour. Our Code of Ethics establishes the guidelines that must govern the ethical conduct of all our employees during their daily work, in particular regarding those issues related to the relations and interactions maintained with all stakeholder groups.

We are EFR Global

Our commitment to work-life balance translates into the implementation of 22 global measures and over 400 local measures (applicable in the various countries where the company operates) that form five action groups and are defined by EFR global Standard 1000/23: quality employment, flexibility in terms of time and space, support for employees’ families, support for personal and professional fields and equal opportunities.

Naturgy is the first company to gain the EFR Global Certification (Empresa Familiarmente Responsable in Spanish, or Family-Responsible Company), which was awarded in 2013 by the Masfamilia Foundation after having undergone an exhaustive AENOR audit. This certification accredits that Naturgy’s culture is based on flexibility, respect and a mutual commitment between the company and its professionals to create options in both the personal and professional fields, always within the framework of business goals.

This commitment is reflected in Naturgy’s 2021–2024 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the implementation of measures that strongly encourage both work-life balance and shared responsibility between men and women. These measures are also aimed at reaching real and effective equality regardless of gender.

  • Flexitime as regards starting and finishing work and lunch breaks.
  • Continuous working day — no lunch break to finish earlier — from June to September (four months) and every Friday throughout the year.
  • Longer paid leave for marriage, illness and death of family members.
  • Paid leave in situations not established by legislation such as separation or divorce and children’s marriage, as well as leave for mothers-to-be from the 38th week of pregnancy.
  • Option to take paid leave on non-consecutive days.
  • Shorter working day for personal reasons in circumstances different to those established by law.
  • Possibility of accumulating breastfeeding leave.
  • Reduction of weekly working hours by one hour as a measure to encourage a work-life balance.
  • Working from home.

Commitments and responsible action principles with employees


Applying best practices in the identification, intake and retention of the talent necessary for developing the businesses while ensuring the principles of equality and non-discrimination.


We foster the professional development of people within our talent management model, ensuring availability of the resources, programmes and tools necessary to enhance their skills and abilities.

Work environment

We promote a motivating work environment that ensures the internal recognition of the effort culture, the necessary independence to enable creation, development and innovation, and a suitable framework of compensation.


We ensure the effective implementation of flexibility mechanisms that facilitate a balance between work and personal life while fostering the human and social development of people.

Diversity and equality

We foster diversity and equal opportunities within an environment of respect, constant listening and dialogue, while paying special attention to the inclusion of disability.


Promoting constant communication between the company and social representatives to enable feedback on decision-making processes.