Code of ethics for suppliers

Conduct guidelines

It makes a commitment to acting at all times in accordance with the law, the internal Regulatory System in place, internationally accepted ethical practices regarding human rights and freedoms, and ensures that its suppliers strictly adhere to this commitment.

It rejects any conduct by its employees and suppliers that may generate an intimidating or offensive environment contrary to individual rights.

It promotes the professional and personal development of all employees, guaranteeing equal opportunities through employment policies.

Suppliers, contractors and external partners of Naturgy shall pay their employees a decent wage.

It provides its employees and  suppliers that so require them with the resources and means for conducting their professional activity, as well as for their protection and safekeeping.

It declares itself to be against influencing the will of people outside the company to obtain any benefit whatsoever, nor allows other entities to adopt these practices with their employees.

It establishes policies to prevent and avoid irregular payments and the laundering of money of illegal origin, and expects its suppliers to comply with these policies.

Suppliers, contractors and external partners of Naturgy must take every precaution to preserve the image and reputation of the company during the course of their professional activity.

It considers that the relationship with its employees must be based on loyalty arising from common interests.

It declares the truthfulness of information to be a basic principle of its activities and those of its suppliers.

It undertakes, leads and drives a commitment to quality, guaranteeing that the quality policy is implemented by all its suppliers.
It promotes the adoption of occupational health and safety policies, adopts the preventive measures established in the current legislation of each country, and ensures regulatory compliance in this area at all times. Furthermore, it promotes and incentivises the application of these policies by the partner companies and suppliers with which it operates.

It has defined a policy and implemented an environmental management system. Suppliers, contractors and external partners must comply with this policy and the environmental standards established by Naturgy.

Throughout its value chain, it guarantees and improves  the quality and safety of the products delivered by suppliers.

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