SDG 13-17

345 biodiversity projects

-24% total carbon footprint reduction

Injection of 0.22 TWh of renewable gas in the distribution network in Spain

The Corporate Responsibility Policy and the resulting Environmental Policy voluntarily undertake the commitment to be a key agent in the energy transition towards a circular economy, low-carbon and digital model, working in four strategic environmental areasEnvironmental management and governance, climate change and energy transition, the circular economy and eco-efficiency, and natural capital and biodiversity.


No deterioration of water masses or biodiversity

2% of all water intake consumed

When managing discharges, studies are conducted on the quality of water leaving the thermal power plants after being treated and the results from these analyses ensure that the company does not generate significant impacts on aquatic ecosystems. Furthermore, we build partnerships with third parties, especially conservation organisations and public authorities, in order to undertake actions in this regard, including the clean-up of coastal areas and the protection of marine species.  


345 biodiversity projects

14 voluntary environmental actions

50 ha. environmental restoration actions

We undertake actions for the protection and conservation of natural species and spaces that go beyond the legal requirements, diagnostic studies of the environment surrounding our facilities, and education and awareness activities with our stakeholders, all of which are part of the Biodiversity Plan.

Naturgy Foundation also carries out corporate environmental volunteering actions to promote a positive attitude toward conserving biodiversity among employees and their families. Two environmental volunteering actions have taken place in two natural spaces.

As an example, UFD, the electricity distributor of the Naturgy Group, has carried out a pioneering initiative that uses nature-based solutions to control vegetation in areas located under power lines in collaboration with the Ourense Institute for Economic Development (INORDE). The reduction of vegetation under power lines is necessary to ensure safety and is usually done by mechanical means. The project carried out has consisted of innovating, substituting the use of machinery for native cattle, with less impact on the environment and promoting traditional grazing and rural development. Work is underway to implement this measure in other geographies.


As regards integrity and transparency, we operate under a commitment to integrity, responsibility, transparency and non-violence. Our internal mechanisms for this purpose are the Code of Ethics and Supplier Code of Ethics, Crime Prevention Model, Business Gift Policy, Anti-Corruption Policy, Measures for the prevention of money laundering, and Human Rights Policy, in addition to employee training in these areas, a protocol against labour, sexual or gender-based harassment, and the Code of Ethics reporting channel.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Globally recognised for our management in the use of hydro resources after being added to the A List 2021 drawn up by CDP Water. Furthermore, we continue to hold a leadership position in climate management and form part of the A list drawn up by CDP Climate.


We have been included in this index since 2001, renewing our position of leadership among the most sustainable companies in the Utilities industry for the most recent edition.

Euronext Vigeo

We continue to form part of the Euronext Vigeo, Europe 120 and Eurozone 120 indexes, based on the agency’s biannual assessment

We were assessed by this ratings agency in 2022 and once again achieved the maximum score (AAA)

We maintain a low risk profile when compared with the 712 utilities assessed and we have been recognised as an ESG Industry Top-Rated company

We remain among the 10% of companies in the industry with the highest ratings

Awarded a platinum medal for our performance in terms of social, environmental and good governance issues by this global provider of business sustainability ratings

Sellos y reconocimientos

EFR global

We continue to hold our position as a leading company in Spain thanks to the good working conditions and environment that we offer employees and our special commitment to and interest in people and their development.

Top employer

We continue to hold our position as a leading company in Spain thanks to the good working conditions and environment that we offer employees and our special commitment to and interest in people and their development.

Equal Company Seal (ECS)

Obtained in acknowledgement of equal opportunities policies, implemented by means of comprehensive and measurable equality plans with concrete results.

Merco Talento
In 2021, we took 26th place in Merco Talento España’s general ranking, up nine places from the previous year. What's more, we were once again classified among the top three energy and gas sector companies in Spain.

Recognition of our excellent diversity management as regards different abilities.


Platts Global Energy Awards

In 2021, Naturgy has been recognized as energy company of the year, for its cultural and business transformation, and its executive chairman, Francisco Reynés, as CEO of the year, for its strategic vision, leadership, integrity and capacity for improvement as well as the demonstration of clarity of vision, judgment and motivation to transform organizations.


We consider partnerships to be essential for promoting development. We maintain a working commitment to society that goes beyond business activities and involves an extensive range of sponsorship and patronage projects. Resources allocated to cultural, social, energy and environmental programmes are focused on projects that generate the greatest value for society, while at the same time enabling us to strengthen our commitment to becoming positively integrated into each community and country where we carries out our business operations.

With research and talent

Communication platform created with the aim of connecting women directors and entrepreneurs from all sectors and professional categories to encourage and contribute towards healthy habits of women within companies.
We sponsor the “Efficient Energy Use” category of the Energy Awards.

With culture

We are a member of the Patronage Board of the Liceu, thus collaborating with initiatives that promote culture and the opera.

We support the foundational aims of the Teatro Real, which are geared toward scheduling and managing music, poetry and choreographic activities.

We collaborate with the MNAC in promoting and disseminating the history of Catalan art.

With the environment and the sustainability

Forética’s mission is to foster the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects into the strategy and management of companies and organisations. With one objective: to achieve a sustainable future.
This organisation is dedicated to maintaining and developing work in a variety of areas, such as the recovery and rehabilitation of fauna, the breeding of threatened species in captivity, the conservation of natural species and environmental education and awareness-raising.
This organisation works to restore and conserve ecosystems, transferring academic knowledge to operational projects with maximum social performance.
We collaborate with Bosquia to care for and protect our forests.

With training

Our company is a member of the board of trustees of this Foundation, which aims to promote education and training for young people.
This organisation promotes teaching and research in science, chemistry and business management. We collaborate with two grants.

We collaborate with Energy Club, an entity which promotes activities for education and analysis of the energy sector through arranging conferences such as Global Energy Day.