SDG 1-6

164,935 customers on the subsidised rate in 2022

3,600 renovated homes

30,961 people trained by the Energy School since 2017

We are firmly committed to ending poverty, primarily through the Naturgy Foundation, which focuses its social action on measures to help alleviate energy vulnerability with training and direct action with volunteers, as well as home energy rehabilitation, all in collaboration with the Tertiary Sector.

22,533 documented safety inspections at work

Investigation in all cases of accidents and incidents that occurred

We contribute to achieving this goal by focusing on the health, safety and well-being of our employees, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors.

232,445 hours of training

35.9 training hours per employee

of the workforce trained

One of our aims is to develop professionals who will be leaders of change to build a future with the Naturgy vision, thus offering an ongoing learning environment, with methodologies, tools and knowledge that facilitate the growth of our professionals, connecting them with trends, technologies and best practice, and promoting their development of skills and competencies linked to our leadership model.

The Corporate Universityis one of the strategic forces behind transformation, serving both people and businesses to contribute to the creation of value and to achieve our goals.

We have three academies that complement each other and enable our teams to tackle the challenges of the present and the future through ongoing learning, development of the leadership role and the adoption of new ways of working: Transformational Leadership, Tech Academy and Extended Academy.

We also foster training and education for children and young people, as basic pillars for human growth and development, in communities lacking financial resources in the countries where we operate, funding grants for children and young people without financial resources and a good academic record, all through the employee Día Solidario association.


33% women / 67% men

26.2% women in executive roles

We believe it is essential to foster diversity and equal opportunities and to create an environment based on respect, and constant listening and dialogue, paying special attention to achieving objectives in issues related to gender and the inclusion of people with disabilities, extending this commitment to suppliers and partner companies.

This all-encompassing commitment is upheld in the Sustainability and People Strategy, as well as the Gender Equality Policy and the Workplace Harassment Prevention Protocol.

Our Equality Plan identifies the strengths that should be maintained and highlights the weaknesses that need to be corrected, as identified by an external expert. These points determine the path that should be followed, indicating actions in the areas of communication and awareness, culture and leadership, development and promotion, payment, flexibility and work/life balance, recruitment, harassment prevention, measurement and monitoring.


-15% water collected from the environment

97% of the water used is sea or waste water

This aspect is part of our Corporate Responsibility Policy, and matters mentioned regarding water consumption represent one of our key responsible environmental management indicators. We constantly measure the water footprint of our activities, conduct water stress analyses or studies, and reduction products.