Nedgia provides its users with the digital application YoLeoGas Multidistribuidora to make gas meter reading easier

  • The new digital application is available for all mobile devices and allows users of the main gas distribution companies, regardless of their marketing company, to read their gas meter.
  • The initiative is a sign of the firm commitment of gas distribution companies to digitalisation, as together they aim to facilitate and improve the transparency of the different processes related to energy service billing.

The gas subsidiary of Gas Natural Fenosa, NEDGIA, has provided its users with the mobile application YoLeoGas Multidistribuidora to make the gas meter reading process easier.

This is a shared initiative between the main gas distribution companies in Spain (NEDGIA, Redexis Gas, Madrileña Red de Gas and Nortegas), who are increasingly committed to greater efficiency in processes and digitalisation, and have a firm dedication to customer service, providing their users with one single application to make gas meter reading easier.

The new application facilitates taking meter readings in a simple process using a mobile telephone or tablet. Users simply need to register the CUPS (Universal Supply Point Code that appears on the bill issued by the company) number from their bill on the app and take a photo of the meter. The app informs the customer of whether the photo is valid and sends it to the corresponding distribution company’s computer systems, where the information is processed automatically.

Among its features, the app offers the option of configuring notifications so that users can be alerted when they need to read their meter. It also shows a list of past readings, enabling customers to monitor their consumption.

The application, which is available already, can be used by all users in Spain of piped gas provided by the application’s distributing companies as well as all existing marketing companies. Users will be able to receive information online about the consumption of each supply point.

With this multi-distribution application, the companies aim to take a step further in compliance with the regulations, which require consumers and marketing companies to be provided with a system for communicating meter readings.

By creating this app, distribution companies aim to bring added value to all agents involved in the process, as the digitalisation of the meter reading makes it easier and more agile for the user, offers greater efficiency for all parties involved (avoiding inconsistencies in consumer data), improved transparency in service invoicing processes, and greater traceability in processes by having a consumer data repository.

The Spanish gas sector

Distribution companies in Spain are responsible for developing, operating and maintaining the gas distribution network in the country, to which over 7.8 million users are connected, according to data provided by Sedigas at the close of 2017.

On their part, marketing companies operating in Spain supply end consumers with the gas they receive through the facilities of distribution companies.

However, it is the distribution companies who are responsible for the meter reading process, a required step before billing users for their consumption.

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