Naturgy launches Superpacks, the first offer in the energy sector to include energy and services

  • Today, the company launched the Naturgy Superpacks—packages that combine energy and maintenance services with a flat-rate plan.
  • Naturgy became a pioneer in the sector after launching the first flat-rate energy plan in 2012, which now has 338,000 customers in Spain.

Today, Naturgy launched the Superpacks campaign making it the first example of combined packages sold in the energy sector. This means customers can choose “bespoke” packages, depending on their equipment repair and maintenance needs and their gas and electricity consumption, for a fixed monthly price for the entire package.

Jose Luis Gil, Clients and Markets Manager, highlights: “It is an innovative offer that is very clear as they are already common in other sectors such as telecommunications (telephone and television packages, for example). This makes Naturgy the first energy company in the sector to launch this offer, combining different products at a stable price. We want to make things simple for our customers. We want to make them feel comfortable and at ease by being able to plan the energy of their family economy and by having equipment breakdown response included. We also provide economic advantages for enjoying different products.

Types of Superpacks: from €51 and 100% customisable

The company has defined different types of Superpacks. For example, the standard electricity Superpack includes electricity and urgent electrical appliance and air conditioning repairs for €51 per month. The Superpacks are customisable, combining services, electricity and gas, depending on the customer’s needs.

For customers who choose electricity, gas and two services, these products could represent a saving of up to €176 per year compared to the same products outside a package.

With this initiative, the company once again innovates in the energy sector, having launched the first flat-rate energy plan in 2012, which today has 338,000 clients.