Naturgy and General Electric organise rescue drill at Peñarroldana wind farm (Zamora)

  • The event was supported by the Zamora Council Fire Service and the Castile-Leon Healthcare Emergency Service.

Naturgy and GE Renewable Energy recently organised a rescue drill for a possible accident victim at the Peñarroldana wind farm, located in the municipality of Santa Eufemia del Barco in the province of Zamora.

The event, which was supported by the Zamora Council Fire Service and the Castile-Leon Healthcare Emergency Service, was aimed at creating coordination protocols with the search and rescue services for responding to potential incidents at the wind farm.

The rescue operation, which was completed without a hitch, consisted of two different evacuation scenarios for a potentially injured person on the tower and the upper section of a wind turbine. Members of rescue and healthcare brigades, personnel in charge of the wind farm and staff from the installation maintenance company also took part in the drill.


Naturgy closed 2017 with a consolidated total installed power in operation of 1,147 MW (979 MW in wind power, 110 MW in mini-hydropower plants and 58 MW in cogeneration and photovoltaic plants).

The Peñarroldana wind farm entered operation in 2009, and currently has 22 wind turbines and an installed power capacity of 35.2 MW. In Castile-Leon, the power company has 295 MW of wind power installed in the provinces of Leon, Zamora, Burgos and Palencia, of which 141.35 are located in the province of Zamora.

GE Renewable Energy

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