Naturgy and ATA Castilla y León sign agreement to foster energy efficiency among self-employed professionals in Castile-Leon

  • Under this agreement, which was made official nationwide in May when the two entities signed, members of ATA Castilla y León will be able to benefit from a customised offering of energy, services and energy solutions from Naturgy.
  • The freephone number set up to offer energy solutions to self-employed workers in Castile-Leon is 900 101 816.

Naturgy and the Association of Self-employed Workers of Castile-Leon have signed an agreement to provide members of this federation with a wide offer of energy, services and energy solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of self-employed workers.

Under this agreement, Naturgy will advise self-employed workers in the region on energy supply, comfort, energy efficiency, mobility and lighting, giving members special offers with discounts on gas, electricity and services, for their businesses and homes.

Furthermore, it will provide advice on energy solutions to improve efficiency with state-of-the art technology, facilitating the purchase of gas-run vehicles through subsidised rates and fuel discounts.

The agreement was signed earlier today in Valladolid by José Manuel Toral, the Naturgy representative for Castile-Leon, and Soraya Mayo, the President of ATA Castilla y León.

José Manuel Toral said after the signing that “this agreement demonstrates the commitment from Naturgy to offering its products under the best conditions to such an important group as the self-employed, always with support from the latest technology and the best services, in order to help streamline the energy bills for their businesses and vehicles”.

In turn, Soraya Mayo said that “one of our challenges is to encourage an environmentally friendly economy and sustainable employment in our region. To make the most of an unexploited market niche, this entails cutting fixed costs of consumables and stimulating companies’ potential to become actors of change. As the leading association of the self-employed, we know that the fixed costs of almost 200,000 self-employed workers in Castile-Leon for gas, electricity and fuel are the first hurdle to overcome each month. Therefore, an agreement such as this gives us the opportunity to lower concerns and increase competitiveness among self-employed workers”.

Leading integrated energy company in Spain

Naturgy, one of the leading multinational companies in the gas and electricity sector, has almost 20 million customers in over 30 countries.

Through Naturgy, the company provides personalised solutions to its customers aimed at meeting their energy requirements while improving their competitiveness through innovation, a commitment to energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

In Castile-Leon, Naturgy has almost 700,000 gas and electricity customers, 206,000 maintenance service contracts (Servigas and Servielectric) and over 600 customers with comprehensive energy management and efficient lighting solution contracts.

About ATA

The National Federation of Associations of Self-employed Workers (ATA) is currently the largest organisation of its kind in Spain, representing 64% of all self-employed workers, a fact accredited by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. ATA operates in all of Spain’s autonomous regions. Its aim is to defend the interests of self-employed workers and it offers a wide range of services for its members. It comprises over 300 sector organisations, which together represent more than 440,000 self-employed workers.