In numbers

Leaders in the gas sector and a benchmark in the power sector

16 million customers and an installed capacity of 16.2 GW

Leader in gas distribution in Spain, with a market share of 68%

Third-largest operator in the Spanish market, where we distribute electricity to 3.8 million customers

Leader in the mass market and residential segments in terms of electricity sales, with a market share of 14.4% in Spain

Market share of 45.8% in Spain in terms of gas sales

11 million gas supply points in a network of more than 136,000 km

4.8 million electricity supply points in a network of more than 155,000 km

Leading gas distributor in Latin America, where we supply more than 5.6 million customers

Our team consists of 7,000 people, some 50% of whom work outside Spain

Our zero-emissions installed capacity accounts for almost 40% of our installed power output

We have nine LNG tankers and a gas transmission pipeline