Community Relations Policy

Social commitment

Within the framework of our Human Rights Policy, we are firmly committed to respecting local communities. The assessment of the social impact that company activities may have on affected communities and contributions to improve their living conditions are key to meeting this commitment.

We are committed to the economic and social development of the regions in which we operate by providing knowledge, management capacity and creativity, as well as allocating a part of our profits to social investment.

Fluid and constant dialogue with society provides us with information on the expectations and interests of the communities in which we operate, enabling us to become involved in its development by trying to offer a response that best suits its needs. 

Company Principles

Identifying the communities affected by company activity, knowing their needs and aspirations.

Analysing the impact and potential environmental and social risks that company activity might produce in the communities

Informing and inviting the community to take part in the different phases of the project through a consultation process.

Incorporating the opportunities for sustainable community development identified in the dialogue with the communities into the impact assessment studies.

Establish a system of communication and relations with the communities to guarantee that they receive clear, up-to-date and effective information