Integrated health

We look out for the integrated health of our employees, their families, partners and customers.

At the Medical and Integrated Health Unit, we apply excellence and ongoing innovation to offer employees, their families, partner companies, customers and the social environments in which the company operates a global Health and Wellbeing strategy  that covers everything needed  for their benefit in terms of both personalised prevention, promotion and healthcare and training and information on healthy habits, while bearing in mind the individual needs and specific features of each country.

Health and wellbeing for employees

The integrated health teams seek to protect the health and wellbeing of employees through:

Awareness and training are two important factors in the promotion of our healthy culture.

Our success has been underpinned by defining wellbeing as a priority goal and drawing up a company strategy that maintains a constant communication campaign (“Your health always on your agenda”) and advice from our strategic partners. However, the greatest support has come from the strong level of commitment and dedication from the people who act as a driving force within the company.

Health and community (social environments)

Our integrated health teams aim to protect and foster physical, mental and social health in the communities where the company operates.


…among employees and their families about the importance of looking after their health.


By launching campaigns aimed at supporting communities.

Through Kilómetros por sonrisas, which avoids sedentary lifestyles and improves daily life for children in hospital. The kilometres registered by employees on the iWOPI platform are converted into a donation to the Theodora Foundation.


Paying special attention to emerging risk factors stemming from an ageing demographic.


We actively work on the development of research projects and scientific studies, both at university and at public and private institutions of recognised standing.

Psychosocial and emotional health

We are aware of the increasing demand for psychosocial support in the workplace. For this reason, we have developed tools for managing occupational stress and defined a post-traumatic stress prevention mechanism, as well as Full Attention/Mindfulness and psychological first aid projects.

Health at partner companies and among customers

We not only involve our employees in our policy but also suppliers, partner companies, customers and other stakeholders. We seek to ensure compliance with health regulations and convey recommendations on healthy habits and wellbeing.