UFD allocates 170,000 euros to improving electricity supply quality in Coles (Ourense)

  • In the coming days, the electricity distributor will begin construction work on a new underground medium-voltage power line, another low-voltage power line and a new transformer on the Boncomenzo site (parish of Gustei).
  • The work will resolve the current brownout problems in the area and improve the service it provides to its customers.

UFD, the electricity distribution company of Naturgy, is set to invest around 170,000 euros in updates and improvement work on medium- and low-voltage electricity installations in Coles (Ourense). More specifically, the company will begin construction work next week on a 960-metre underground medium-voltage power line on the Boncomenzo site in the parish of Gustei. Furthermore, the distribution company will bring a new 160KVA pre-built transformer shed fitted with tele-management technology into service, as well as an underground low-voltage network.

The work will resolve the current brownout problems in the area and improve the quality of service it provides to its customers.

Every year, UFD includes actions and initiatives in its investment plan to strengthen electricity supply infrastructure and improve the electricity distribution network, especially in rural areas where quality of service needs to be improved, thus contributing to the economic development of these areas and improving quality of life.

Presence in Galicia

UFD is the largest electricity distributor in Galicia. It provides service to more than 1.5 million supply points in 286 municipalities in the four provinces of Galicia through a network of nearly 58,500 kilometres of high-, medium- and low-voltage lines. The electricity distributor invested almost 390 million euros in Galicia in the four-year period 2015-2018 to reinforce the network and improve supply quality.