Today, Gas Natural Fenosa has issued 850 million euros worth of 10-year bonds

  • The company issued the amount with a coupon of 1.5% with a demand of over 2.3 billion euros.
  • In parallel to this issuance of bonds, an offer was launched for the repurchase of bonds, the result of which will be known on 23 January.
  • Both operations fall under a continuous process of financial debt optimisation.

Today GAS NATURAL FENOSA closed an issuance of bonds worth 850 million euros that will mature in January 2028. The issuance set an annual dividend of 1.5%. The issuance price of the new bonds is 98.937% of their face value.

The issuance, launched this morning under the Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) programme, was oversubscribed by over 2.5 times and received orders from more than 130 institutional investors in 24 countries.

The disbursement of this operation is planned for 29 January 2018.

Furthermore, today, Citigroup Global Markets Limited launched an offer for the repurchase of GAS NATURAL FENOSA bonds that will mature between 2019 and 2023, the outcome of which will be known on 23 January of this year.

The new bonds are foreseen to be fully or partially exchanged for GAS NATURAL FENOSA bonds that have finally been acquired by Citigroup Global Markets Limited.

In accordance with the company’s financial policy, “GAS NATURAL FENOSA constantly reviews its financial structure with the aim of increasing liquidity, extending the average maturity of the financial debt, as well as reducing financing costs with a good market response”, stated the Chief Financial Officer of the company, Carlos J. Álvarez.