Nedgia Cegas is investing over 500,000 euros to bring natural gas to Finestrat (Alicante)

  • The town’s mayor and the Nedgia Cegas delegate for Alicante visited the pipe-laying work this morning.
The pipe-laying works.

NEDGIA Cegas has begun the work needed to bring a natural gas supply to the housing developments in Cala de Finestrat and the surrounding area. Overall, the project will require an investment of approximately 513,000 euros and will take place in two stages, with completion expected in the final quarter of the year. The pipe-laying work will allow this environmentally friendly power source to reach over 3,000 homes and various hotel establishments in the town.

The first stage will involve laying pipes for the 6.7 km distribution network and will begin at the access roundabout to the Terra Marina development, where it will connect to the main gas pipeline. From there, it will continue along Avenida Argentina, América and Calle París. The installation will take place gradually and enable gas to be supplied to residents of the housing developments. This first stage of the works, which is expected to last for two to three months, will take natural gas to approximately 550 homes.

After the summer, NEDGIA Cegas will begin the laying pipes to take natural gas to the Cala Finestrat area. A network of over 5.3 kilometres will be laid to provide access to several hotels in the area and over 2,500 homes in this Alicante town.

The Mayor of Finestrat, Juan Francisco Pérez, and the Nedgia Cegas Delegate for Alicante, Rafa Botella, visited the site where work began a few days ago, at the Terra Marina development earlier this morning. During the course of the visit, the mayor commented on the good understanding with Nedgia Cegas regarding execution of these works: “we are going to work hand-in-hand with the company so that all the work being carried out by the Council, digging up roads, etc., can also be used to lay gas pipes at the same time and therefore reduce the inconvenience caused to residents by these works as much as possible”.

Natural gas, an energy of the future that improves air quality in cities

Natural gas is an energy of the future that helps to make industrial and business production processes more efficient, as well as and improve the quality of life and comfort in homes. It is also the ideal complement to renewable energies in a low-emission energy model. The use of natural gas in the transport sector is a key element in mitigating climate change and improving air quality in cities, as it reduces nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions, the main urban pollutants, by over 85%.

Presence in the Valencia Region

NEDGIA Cegas is the natural gas distribution company of the Gas Natural Fenosa group in the Valencia Region, where it supplies natural gas to 205 municipalities. That means 87% of the population has access to this energy source. It has over 663,000 supply points and a distribution network of 8,800 kilometres.