Nedgia Castilla y León takes natural gas to Santa María del Páramo (Leon)

  • The company has invested over €538,000 in a 9.66 km network that will provide nearly 1,000 residents with access to natural gas.

The Santa María del Páramo (Leon) Town Council and NEDGIA Castilla y León representative in Zamora and Leon, Antonio A. Velázquez, took part in a meeting with town residents yesterday to explain the possibilities of installing natural gas in their homes.

NEDGIA Castilla y León has invested €538,000 in converting the 9.66 km network currently in the town from LPG to natural gas. This means nearly 1,000 residents now have access to this form of energy, which is more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

A hundred people attended the meeting, showing their interest in the arrival of natural gas in the town, to find out how they can install it in their homes.

NEDGIA Castilla y León’s representative in Zamora and Leon answered their queries on the process of converting from LPG to natural gas and noted their interest in contacting the distribution company for the connection of new supply points and to find out about the plan for new distribution networks in the town.

Presence in the region

NEDGIA Castilla y León has more than 66,200 supply points in 22 towns, which are connected via a transport and distribution network of 900 kilometres, which means that 55% of the population has access to this energy supply.

Currently, Leon is the province with the third highest number of users in the region, behind Valladolid and Burgos.

The company serves over 700,000 customers in Castile-Leon with more than 440,000 supply points in nearly 120 municipalities via a transportation and distribution network that spans more than 4,200 kilometres. Thanks to this company, over half a million homes, business and industries have access to natural gas for their own consumption.