Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha and Cuenca Council study new projects linked to gas

  • Distribution company managers in the Gas Natural Fenosa group region present the mayor with the new trademark in a meeting where they also discussed new energy challenges.

The Mayor of Cuenca, Ángel Mariscal, and the General Manager of Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha, Miguel Martín de Pinto, held a working meeting at Cuenca Town Hall today which was also attended by the Expansion Manager for the province, Miguel Fernández.

At the meeting, the Gas Natural Fenosa group’s distribution company managers presented Cuenca’s mayor with the new trademark Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha, which replaces Gas Natural Castilla-La Mancha, as well as some projects linked to gas for the future, in which the Council and the energy company have some common interests.

One of the issues touched on at the meeting was what NEDGIA is doing to promote natural gas as a factor in improving air quality in cities, develop infrastructures and expand the number of supply points to provide the public with easier access to natural gas, as well as the company’s commitment to innovative solutions such as renewable gas.

It is worth recalling that the Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG) used in transport helps reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by over 85% and suspended particles by almost 100%. These are the main pollutants which affect health. Natural gas also reduces noise pollution, because a natural gas engine produces 50% less noise than a conventional one. Likewise, it is a very competitive fuel from an economic point of view when compared to diesel and petrol, with savings of up to 30% and 50% respectively.

So, besides talking about the possibilities for expanding the gas distribution network in the capital at the meeting, they also spoke about the actions undertaken by Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha to boost the use of VNG in passenger and goods transport.

Finally, both parties emphasised the need to continue the close collaboration they have maintained until now to ensure further progress in both technical contributions and corporate social responsibility projects in Cuenca.

Presence of natural gas in Cuenca

NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha, subsidiary of NEDGIA (formerly Gas Natural Distribución) has a distribution network covering some 193 kilometres with more than 19,000 supply points in 4 towns in the province. Regionally, it manages over 267,000 supply points in 78 municipalities and a distribution network of over 4,100 kilometres.

At present, NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha provides domestic and commercial supplies to Cuenca, Mota del Cuervo, San Clemente and Tarancón.