Naturgy multiplies by nine its photovoltaic self-consumption, providing savings of up to 70% on energy bills

  • The company has experienced exponential growth in its photovoltaic self-consumption activity throughout 2022, with a fivefold increase in contracts compared to the previous year.
  • For the second year running, the company is launching its ‘Naturgy Solar’ campaign with a comprehensive proposal to generate photovoltaic energy for private customers, homeowners’ associations, SMEs and other companies.
  • The initiative reinforces Naturgy’s commitment to leadership in the energy transition, promoting the implementation of clean energy to all market segments, and helping its customers lower their energy costs.

Naturgy increased its photovoltaic self-consumption capacity ninefold in 2022 as part of its ‘Naturgy Solar’ initiative, with which the energy group offers clients customised solutions to generate their own electricity. This involved a fivefold increase in contracts compared to the previous year, after receiving more than 75,000 requests for information.

Naturgy’s objective is to reach 650 MW in self-consumption by 2025, drawing on experience developing these types of solutions, its assets and its customer portfolio. The group’s ambition is to contribute to decarbonisation targets, providing customers with access to renewable energy and helping them reduce their electricity bills amid rising energy costs.

To this effect, the company is repeating its ‘Naturgy Solar’ initiative, a comprehensive and customised solution for businesses and households, facilitating access to photovoltaic solar energy and self-consumption. Through the installation of panels and batteries, Naturgy offers customer savings of up to 70% on electricity bills, or up to 40% solely with the installation of photovoltaic panels.

The ‘Naturgy Solar’ initiative is aimed at private customers, homeowners’ associations, SMEs and other companies, and offers a customised solution with a free, no obligation site visit for an optimal design, taking responsibility for the management and processing of permits and grants, and offering free of charge the first year of Servisolar, the investigation and maintenance service for solar panels. Financing is provided for up to 100% of the total amount at 0% interest for 3 years.


Naturgy’s self-consumption

Naturgy recorded strong growth in self-consumption installations in 2022, mainly for detached houses, and with a significant increase in homeowners’ associations and companies.  Madrid and Catalonia were the regions that experienced the highest volume of contracts, although the group operates across the whole country and collaborates with 120 specialised installation companies.

The company adds value with its comprehensive project management: installation design, equipment purchase, authentication, start-up, grant management, financing and the option to add batteries. It also provides additional services such as a surplus compensation rate of €0.11/kWh and installation maintenance.

Self-consumption photovoltaic installations are a great opportunity to reduce electricity bills, improve the outlook of long-term energy costs and help reduce CO2 emissions. Given social awareness of environmental issues and energy efficiency and increased public concern over electricity costs, the self-consumption solution offered by the company is hugely interesting for potential customers.

The promotion of self-consumption forms part of Naturgy’s commitment to the energy transition, alongside its strategy to develop an international renewable portfolio and its commitment to the development of renewable gases.

Naturgy puts the customer first and its ideas are customer-focused, demonstrating commitment and transparency in the current context. In September 2021, it was a pioneer in launching its Electricity Commitment initiative with a three-year fixed price for this energy, aimed at offsetting the effects of the price of the electricity pool.

In March 2022, Naturgy led the way once again with the launch of its Industrial Gas Commitment initiative. With this tariff, the company offered its industrial gas customers a stable, competitive price within the current energy scenario. It also offered two-year fixed price commitment initiatives to neighbourhood associations and small businesses.

To date, more than 60% of the company’s customer base has benefited from the long-term pricing initiatives launched by Naturgy in 2022.