Naturgy and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority agree to extend their contract for the long-term supply of LNG to Puerto Rico

  • On 22 October, Naturgy extended until 2032 its contract to supply LNG to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), which will consume the gas to generate power.
  • In addition, the power purchase agreement between PREPA and EcoEléctrica (partly owned by Naturgy through GPG) with capacity payments has been extended until 2032.
  • Both of these agreements strengthen Naturgy’s commitment to Puerto Rico to make power generation more competitive and environmentally friendly, and they ensure a stable long-term margin for both businesses.

On 22 October, Naturgy and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) agreed to extend the contract for the long-term supply of LNG to Puerto Rico. The contract will now be in force until 2032. It covers an annual volume of 2 bcm and could reach 3 bcm depending on the country’s needs, and the price will be completely indexed to the Henry Hub (the principal US gas index). This gas will guarantee the supply of power generation plants in Puerto Rico. The contract to supply LNG to PREPA was set to expire in October 2020. It had an annual volume of 1.5 bcm and the price indexation was linked to oil (50%) and the Henry Hub (50%).

The LNG supplied will come from Naturgy’s portfolio of contracts, which will reduce exposure to unsold volumes in the long term and bring purchase and sale prices into line. Thus, over 50% of Naturgy’s American LNG procurement will be purchased and sold at the same price index and for a period of over 10 years, which mitigates risks and guarantees margin.

At the same time, another agreement has been reached to allow GPG (in which Naturgy holds a 75% stake), through its investee company EcoEléctrica, to extend the current power purchase agreement until 2032, ensuring a stable and recurring margin in dollars without commodity risk.

“These agreements represent a significant step forward in Naturgy’s strategy to reduce the volatility and risks of our businesses, as they ensure a stable, long-term margin, both for the supply of LNG to Puerto Rico and for power generation thorough a 530-MV combined cycle, which supplies over 20% of the island’s electricity”, explained Naturgy’s Chairman, Francisco Reynés.