Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables names the wind projects associated with the awarding of the May 2017 wind energy auction

  • The company named a total of 26 wind farms in 7 Autonomous Regions: Andalusia, Aragon, Castilla-Leon, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia and Navarre.
  • Most of these projects, which will be built between 2018 and 2019, will ultimately account for the 667 MW of power awarded to GAS NATURAL FENOSA in the Government auction last May: 22% of the total awarded.
  • Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables estimates that it will invest approximately 700 million euros in the construction of the projects that will ultimately be built under this award.

Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables has officially named 26 wind farms, with total power of 854 MW (compared to the 667 MW of wind energy awarded), located in 7 Autonomous Regions: Andalusia, Aragon, Castilla-Leon, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia and Navarre.

In accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda (MINETAD) for the power awarded in the renewable energy auction of May 2017, successful bidders had until this February to name the projects that could end up being built, and were allowed to identify projects with power of up to 50% more than what was awarded.

In the coming months, Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables will begin the construction of the wind farms that, among the 26 identified, will ultimately account for the awarded power of 667 MW, which will exceed 3,000 hours of annual production of wind energy. The company estimates that developing these projects will require an investment of around 700 million euros.

The result of the May 2017 auction, in which the renewable energy subsidiary of GAS NATURAL FENOSA obtained 22% of the auctioned power, was a major success for the energy group, as it was awarded more than the other utilities operating in the Spanish energy sector.

Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables Director Ana Peris stated that “the auction allows projects on which the energy group has been working in recent years to come to fruition, creating a truly competitive and optimised portfolio”.

The portfolio of Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables projects is far along in its administrative procedures, allowing for early compliance with the various milestones set by the Ministry of Energy (MINETAD).

Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables wind projects named
ProjectMunicipality (Province)Power
San AgustínTeruel and Zaragoza35,0
CataloniaLes BarrancsTarragona30,0
Punta RedondaTarragona30,0
Tres TermesTarragona30,0
Castilla-LeonAmp. MontejoBurgos7,5
Amp. HierroZamora45,0
San BlasValladolid41,5
Teso PardoValladolid38,0
Torozos AValladolid42,0
Torozos BValladolid34,0
Torozos CValladolid40,0
Torozos IIValladolid36,0
Monte Tourado-EixeLa Coruña39,6
MouriñosLa Coruña9,8
Peña Forcada-Catasol IILa Coruña7,4
Serra do Punago-VacarizaLugo39,6

Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables

Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables, a company forming part of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, ended 2017 with a consolidated total installed capacity in operation of 1,147 MW (979 MW from wind, 110 MW from mini-hydroelectric plants and 58 MW from cogeneration and photovoltaics).