Gas Natural Fenosa launches the world’s first universal floating LNG transfer system

  • The DirectLink LNG project, the first floating LNG (liquefied natural gas) Ship-to-Shore transfer system in the world.
  • With this initiative the company is revolutionising the global small- and medium-sized LNG sector in response to market needs.

In line with its firm commitment to innovation, GAS NATURAL FENOSA has developed a system for transferring LNG (liquefied natural gas) that is unique in the world. This infrastructure is a floating system, exclusively recognised by various patents, which consists of a linking system that is compatible with all types of methane tankers. Once it is connected to the ship, the LNG is transferred to shore in a secure and efficient manner through floating cyrogenic hoses. The connecting system, applied offshore for the first time in the world, and the floating cyrogenic hoses both reflect the platform’s innovative nature.

The infrastructure, developed in collaboration with Norwegian Connect LNG technology, was designed and manufactured in the record time of barely 6 months in a Brevik shipyard, from where it was towed to the Norwegian port of Herøya. The first unloading operation was carried out there and proved a complete success; demonstrating the system’s functionality, versatility and rapid start-up.

Known as DirectLink LNG and the result of a market needs analysis, it allows liquefied natural gas to be unloaded from ship to shore without the need for costly fixed infrastructures (port and jetty, for example) and with minimal environmental impact. In that way it meets the needs of those customers that require natural gas to be supplied to places where today it is neither economically nor environmentally viable, making it possible for this form of energy to reach remote locations or which are difficult to access, thus facilitating the opening up of new markets. This solution does not require any alterations to existing methane tankers, while enabling access times to this form of energy both on the market and by consignees to be reduced.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA’s decision to opt for this pioneering system gives it a unique element that sets it apart in the sector, which will enable a rapid growth in the supply of LNG on a small and medium scale, as it provides end users with access to a safe and economical energy source that respects the environment. The floating system, in combination with the onshore infrastructures (which make up the DirectLink LNG solution) is a flexible, scalable solution that will enable the demands of both present and future customers to be met.

“We started out with an innovative idea and turned it into reality in record time. Today it is a unique solution that will enable us to revolutionise the small- and medium-sized market for liquefied natural gas in the coming years on a global level, a comprehensive solution driven exclusively by Gas Natural Fenosa with endless possibilities”, said José Miguel Moreno Blanes, Project Manager at Gas Natural Fenosa.

About Gas Natural Fenosa

GAS NATURAL FENOSA is a leading multinational company in the energy sector, a pioneer in gas and electricity integration, and operates in over 30 countries. The group provides services to nearly 22 million customers on five continents, and has an installed power generation capacity of 15.5 GW and a diversified mix of technologies.