EIT InnoEnergy, Naturgy, Enagás Emprende, CRH and PRIO are promoting the 6th edition of Cleantech Camp

  • During this month, startups from all over Europe are invited to apply for the programme.
  • Cleantech Camp is dedicating 30.000 euros in prizes and bets in the funding of pilots.

Cleantech Camp, the programme that focuses on accelerating the energy transition in Europe, is celebrating this year its 6th edition. Throughout the month of March, startups that are developing projects related to clean energy will be able to submit their applications to enter into a selection process that will allow up to 15 emerging companies from different European countries to participate in the programme between the months of April and July. The programme is promoted by EIT InnoEnergy, Naturgy, Enagás Emprende, CRH and PRIO, in collaboration with Barcelona Activa (Local Partner) and Bridge the Gap, Osborne & Clarke and ZBM Patents & Trademarks, who contribute with their knwoledge in different fields, sharing it with the entrepreneurs through the training sessions.

Since its very first edition, Cleantech Camp is betting on fostering open innovation between the promoting companies and the participating startups, with the main goal of generating a knowledge exchange ecosystem. In this way, the programme will award 20.000 euros to the winning project and 5.000 euros to the second and third prizes, that will be awared on September 16. In addition, the selected projects must present a first draft regarding the development of a pilot project to Naturgy, Enagás Emprende, CRH and PRIO. The promoting companies will select a project from the received proposals to work with jointly during the programme. At the end of this year’s edition, each company will decide if they go ahead with the selected pilot and finance its production, with overall economic endowments that can reach up to 120.000 euros.

A consolidated programme in Europe

Cleantech Camp has become throughout these years a reference programme for entrepreneurs from all Europe developing projects related to clean energy. In past editions, around 200 projects applications aspiring to follow the programme have been received. This year, Cleantech Camp aspires to keep with the ascending line as for the reception of projects, that address solutions related to loT & AI energy, energy efficiency, smart cities, renewable energies, sustainable mobility, Smart Grids or cybersecurity & energy blockchain, and to count with more competitive proposals, capable to become a reality in the market.

Registrations to participate in the programme can be made through the website http://www.cleantechcamp.com until March 28.