20th Anniversary of the Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline

The Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline began operating in November 1996, so in 2016 this major infrastructure is now celebrating its 20th anniversary as one of the main gateways for gas coming into Spain.

Gas Natural Fenosa was the main supporter of the project, especially its then-President Pere Durán Farrell. The Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline was built to transport Algerian gas to Spain and Europe, thereby the diversifying gas supply in Spain. The first negotiations to launch this project took place in 1990, with work starting in 1993. After three years of complicated construction work, the gas pipeline began operating on 1 November 1996.

For its construction and execution, the project was divided into four sections managed by Sonatrach (Algeria section), EMPL and Metragaz (Morocco), Transgas (Portugal) and Enagás (Spain). The toughest part of building this infrastructure involved crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, which was a genuine challenge for the time. The work was carried out to great success, overcoming all the initial difficulties.

Since it began operating, the gas pipeline has transported 182 bcm of natural gas, of which 134 bcm was destined for the Spanish market.

This press kit contains all the information and materials on the 20th Anniversary of the Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline.