Naturgy to receive the S&P Platts’ Global Energy Awards for the DirectLink LNG initiative

  • The energy company has received this recognition in the “Emerging Technology” category that highlights DirectLink as a “revolutionary solution” in the global LNG sector.
  • DirectLink LNG is the first floating system for Ship to Shore transfer of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in the world.
  • This global recognition confirms Naturgy’s commitment to innovation and international leadership in the field of LNG.
Naturgy to receive the S&P Platts’ Global Energy Awards
Naturgy to receive the S&P Platts’ Global Energy Awards

Naturgy has received one of the most prestigious awards in the global energy sector, the S&P Global Platts Global Energy Award, in the “Emerging Technology” category for the DirectLink LNG infrastructure, acknowledged as a “revolutionary solution” on the international liquefied natural gas market: (LNG).

The Global Energy Awards, celebrating their twentieth anniversary in 2018, have underscored the Naturgy initiative as a “not only innovative but revolutionary solution” in the international LNG market. These awards are an acknowledgment of leading companies and projects in the energy sector as regards its development and especially innovation.

“The Naturgy initiative is world pioneer. It is unique, differentiating feature in a sector that offers access to an economical, safe and environmentally friendly energy source. DirectLink is an innovative idea that will revolutionise the LNG market by making available a comprehensive solution. Dynamism and innovation drive change and add value to our sector, one of the strategic goals of Naturgy on an international scale”, points out Francisco Reynés, executive chairman of Naturgy. The award ceremony, held in New York this week, was attended by the team behind this initiative.

How DirectLink LNG works

Naturgy, in keeping with its firm commitment to innovation, operates a system for the transfer of LNG (liquefied natural gas) which is unique. This is a floating infrastructure, implemented in collaboration with the Norwegian technology company Connect LNG, under different exclusive patents, consisting of a platform with a connection system that is compatible with any type of methane tanker. Once the tanker is connected, the LNG is transferred to shore, safely and efficiently, via gloating cryogenic hoses. Both the connection system that has been used offshore for the first time in the world and the floating cryogenic hoses are milestones that display the innovative nature of the platform.

DirectLink LNG is the result of analysing the needs of the market to enable the offloading of liquefied natural gas from ship to shore without requiring costly fixed infrastructures (port and dock, for example) and with minimum environmental impact. It can therefore meet the needs of those clients that require natural gas supplies at locations where it is currently neither economical nor environmentally viable, enabling this energy to reach remote or difficult to access sites to open up new markets. This solution requires no type of modification to existing methane tankers and can reduce the access lead times to energy in the market and for the recipients.

This Naturgy initiative is a world pioneer and offers a unique feature in the sector, for the swift development of LNG supplies on a small-to-medium scale. The floating system, in conjunction with the onshore infrastructures (that complete the DirectLink LNG solution) is a flexible, scalable solution to meet clients’ present and future requirements.

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