Institutional Relations Policy

We establish relationships in the political and institutional sphere, directly or through foundations, associations or other entities, with the aim of transferring our position and providing information that facilitates the impact analysis of the various options on regulations and public policies.

Our Global Policy on Institutional Relations, which assumes the principle of respect for legality and the principles of Integrity and Transparency established by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is the common framework applicable to all interactions with authorities, public officials and political parties, carried out directly or through associations, foundations or other third parties, which have the objective described above.

Conduct guidelines

Naturgy’s dialogue with authorities, public officials and political parties is carried out through a transparent exchange of opinions and information and in accordance with the following conduct guidelines:


Naturgy is represented directly with authorities, public officials and political parties.


Naturgy employees do not seek to influence the will of authorities, public officials or political parties through the use of unethical practices.


Naturgy does not finance political parties or their representatives.


Naturgy employees always transmit truthful information.


Naturgy acts in strict compliance with the regulations in each country or region, respecting the ethical values of the company and its regulations.


We undertake to register in the transparency registers of the public institutions with which we interact.

In addition, Naturgy annually allocates resources to form part of and actively collaborate with foundations, business associations, chambers of commerce or other associative entities that have the objective of transferring positions and information that contributes to the construction of public policies and regulations. 

The company thus participates in sectorial entities linked to the energy sector, chambers of commerce and business confederations and entities that seek to promote sustainability and renewable energies, among others.  

The company’s main holdings include World Economic Forum, Global Compact, FUNSEAM, European Biogas Association (EBA) and Asociación Empresarial Eólica.