Nuclear engineering

With a global vision and business offer, we were involved in the entire life cycle of the José Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant and provide specialised support to the Almaraz and Trillo Nuclear Plants

Naturgy fully owned the José Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant (160 MWh Westinghouse PWR reactor) and commercially operated the facility for 38 years.

As Naturgy’s engineering subsidiary, Naturgy Nuclear Engineering was involved in all stages of the project, including the design, commissioning, operation, final shutdown and decommissioning of the plant.

Thanks to this experience, since 1991 we have had a highly qualified team and developed major national and international projects in all fields of the nuclear sector.

Currently, we also provide highly specialised support to both Almaraz and Trillo, nuclear power plants that are partly owned by Naturgy, as well as to ENRESA’s fuel and waste management departments.

About us

The company’s methodology and quality procedures, as well as the use of the most modern tools and engineering practices and modelling, enables it to provide customers with qualitative improvements in safety, reliability and the availability of processes and facilities, ensuring strict compliance with existing regulations at all times.


Neutron calculationsDismantling
Thermohydraulic calculationssMechanical design support and fuel manufacturing guidance
Severe accident simulationSpent fuel management
Nuclear probabilistic safety assessmentsRadioactive waste management
Nuclear engineeringHuman factors engineering
LicencesOperational support
Radiation protectionTraining


We have a strong presence in innovation within the sector. We provide Support Engineering services for the Almaraz-Trillo Nuclear Power Plant’s (CNAT) R&D&I projects at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), in high- and medium-level waste management, probabilistic safety analysis, fresh and spent fuel management, severe accidents, neutron and thermohydraulic calculations and human factors. In addition, we are the Nuclear Fission Energy Technology Platform’s (CEIDEN) Engineering and Construction sector representative.

Our nuclear technology specialists have over 20 years of experience, and therefore have expertise in every stage of development and all key aspects of nuclear projects.

Our nuclear division has a multi-disciplinary and highly-experienced team made up of expert engineers capable of providing comprehensive services to both nuclear power plants and other types of nuclear or radiological facilities, ranging from the initial feasibility study stage, through oversight of construction and commissioning of installations, to operation, maintenance and then final shutdown and decommissioning.

We offer the experience we have gained during these years of activity to our internal and external clients through our portfolio of services.

The nuclear project team has expertise in every necessary field of knowledge, enabling us to offer a comprehensive service that guarantees the quality of every aspect of all projects.

Current projects

Main decommissioning engineering for the José Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant
Main decommissioning engineering since 2003, leading and coordinating all phases of the process. Responsible for project management and administration, safety and licences, engineering and radiological characterisation and calculations.
Fuel engineering advice at Almaraz and Trillo
Specialised support in the thermohydraulic, APS, spent fuel, mechanical design and safety areas.
Decommissioning engineering for the Garoña Nuclear Power Plant
Work in the area of licensing, radiological characterisation and calculations as part of the decommissioning engineering services provided at this nuclear power plant.
Design and implementation of the spent fuel database
Design, development and implementation of GECYRE, the database for sending information on spent fuel from nuclear power plant to ENRESA.
Design and management of Almaraz and Trillo's spent fuel database
Design, development and implementation of AVI-CNAT, the Almaraz and Trillo Nuclear Power Plants spent fuel database and pool emptying tool.
Special waste management support in Almaraz and Trillo
Characterisation and support during the design and development of methods for managing special waste stored in the fuel pools at the Almaraz and Trillo Nuclear Power Plants.
Support for Almaraz and Trillo's waste and spent fuel management plan
Elaboration of waste management plans, annual reports, radiological characterisation and calculations for the Almaraz and Trillo Nuclear Power Plants.
Operational waste management support in Almaraz
Support in the characterisation and design of operational waste management methods at the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant.
Human factor support at the Trillo Nuclear Power Plant
Support in the Human Factors area of the Trillo Nuclear Power Plant since 2008.
Technical Training Support for the José Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant's DCP
Since 2003, we have offered specialised support for the José Cabrera Nuclear Power Plant's Decommisioning and Closure Plan in the areas of licensing and safety, licence control and perceptive training.
ZIRP Project (Zorita Internal Research Project)
Study of the performance of irradiated redactor internals, leading phase 1 of the project: cutting of internals, sample characterisation (radiation and temperature measurements) and simulation of operating radiation history by codes.
Cost estimation and decommissioning plan for the High Flux Reactor
Development of the Preliminary Decommissioning Plan for the Petter Nuclear Power Plant (Holland), including risk identification and analysis, assessment of the country's infrastructure and regulatory conditions and predictive process, deadline and costs analysis.