The Naturgy Foundation to carry out the energy refurbishment of vulnerable homes belonging to the Tengo Hogar Foundation

  • This latest collaborative project follows others to help families in energy poverty to improve their energy efficiency and save on their bills through the Energy Renovation Solidarity Fund.
  • It is a Naturgy Energy Vulnerability Plan initiative and follows the guidelines of the 2019-2024 National Strategy to tackle Energy Poverty.

The Naturgy and Tengo Hogar foundations are working together to improve energy efficiency in the homes of vulnerable families, thanks to the resources of the Naturgy Foundation’s Energy Renovation Solidarity Fund.

The Managing Director of the Naturgy Foundation, María Eugenia Coronado, expressed her satisfaction with this new agreement, “which enables us to make further progress in our main line of action for combating energy poverty, tackling a structural problem of the homes of the most vulnerable families”.

This agreement follows on from those already signed with five other social entities (Foment de l’Habitatge Social, Hábitat 3, Fundación para la Caridad de la Construcción, Cáritas, and Fundación Mambré) which already have access to the Energy Renovation Solidarity Fund in order to carry out energy refurbishment work in the flats they manage.

This new agreement will enable the Foundation to continue undertaking actions following the guidelines of the study Express refurbishment for vulnerable homes This Naturgy Foundation publication promotes energy efficiency improvements in vulnerable homes, at a low cost but with a big impact on people’s quality of life and on family energy bills. The measures it sets out include repairing and buying heating systems; installing window closures and glazing; fitting and starting up gas and electric installations; and improving wall insulation.

This agreement with the Tengo Hogar Foundation is in line with the 2019-2024 National Strategy to tackle Energy Poverty, which was approved by the Spanish government last week, and which establishes the energy renovation of properties as one of the short-, medium- and long-term lines of action to address this problem structurally. Likewise, it is part of the Naturgy Energy Vulnerability Plan, the objectives of which include improving the quality of life of groups affected by energy poverty and advising them on matters relating to energy consumption or paying for energy services.

Set up by the power company in 1992, the Naturgy Foundation seeks to educate, train, inform and raise awareness throughout society of energy and environmental issues. It also develops social action programmes both nationally and internationally, in particular by supporting initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability.

The Tengo Hogar Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up in 2014 that works with very vulnerable families who need a boost to get their personal and economic independence back, by offering them comprehensive support (personal, social and occupational) together with, in certain cases, the use of a home during the support period.