Gas Natural Fenosa issued first 7.5-year green bonds worth 800 million euros today, with a 0.875% annual coupon payment and high demand

  • This is the first time that GAS NATURAL FENOSA issues green bonds, which will be allocated to financing renewable wind and solar energy projects. This issue also contributes to investor base diversification by including those with a greater focus on sustainable development.
  • The issue will serve to optimise the company’s financial structure, increase its already ample liquidity and increase the capital market weight in its financing sources.

Earlier today, GAS NATURAL FENOSA closed a bond issue worth 800 million euros that will mature in May 2025. The issue set an annual dividend of 0.875%. The issue price of the new bonds is 99.77% of their face value.

The issue, launched this morning under the Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) programme, was oversubscribed by almost 2 times and received orders from around 130 institutional investors in 19 countries.

The funds received in this operation, whose disbursement is scheduled for 15 November, will serve to optimise the company’s financial structure, increase the capital market weight, diversify the investor base with a focus on sustainability, lengthen the average debt lifetime and improve the maturities profile. All this will enable the company’s already ample liquidity to be increased.