Energytruck, the touring exhibition organised by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum, is at the YoMo Festival

  • The Energytruck, a large sustainable truck designed by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum, offers a visual and interactive introduction to what energy is and how we can consume it responsibly.
  • This travelling exhibition may be visited between 27 February and 2 March at the 2018 YoMo Festival; a GSMA and Mobile World Capital Barcelona initiative that will be taking place at La Farga de L’Hospitalet.
Inside the Energytruck.
Inside the Energytruck.

Anyone attending the 2018 Youth Mobile Festival Barcelona (YoMo BCN) will be able to visit the Energytruck, the mobile exhibition by the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum, which explains what energy is and how we can consume it responsibly.

The Gas Museum’s director, Eva Buch, said the Museum firmly intended to contribute towards encouraging scientific and technical vocations through gatherings with an international impact such as YoMo 2018, promoted by GSMA and Mobile World Capital Barcelona. “The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation Gas Museum is committed to educating and transmitting values to children and young people as the way to meet future challenges and improve people’s lives on a global level”, she explained.

The Energytruck is unusual in that it is equipped with a natural gas twin engine which produces between 15% and 20% fewer CO2 emissions compared to conventional diesel engines. That means it helps to improve air quality, reducing suspended particles (also called particulate matter or PM) by 39%, and NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions by 30%, compared to a utility with only diesel fuel.

The mobile space measuring 70 square metres, located on the far right of the main La Farga de L’Hospitalet site, is extensively equipped with audiovisual, interactive and multimedia technology, as well as information panels. Visitors will be able to experiment with the content through practical activities centred around them. The project also includes workshops and educational activities led by specialised educators to spread knowledge of science and technology. These activities are targeted at students aged 6 to 18 and adapted for people with disabilities.

The aim of this Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation project is to contribute to the educational, environmental and cultural development of society, showing what energy is and how we can practice responsible energy consumption in a visual and interactive way. It looks back at the past to show the historic changes and social progress that followed the arrival of gas and electricity, and also looks forward to the future, to reveal what energy will be like in the years to come. It has visited 238 places around Spain, passing through cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Zaragoza, Alicant, Murcia, Almería, Málaga, Valladolid and La Coruña, among others.

To date, the Energytruck has travelled more than 41,755 kilometres, and some 127,983 people have visited the travelling exhibition, of which 49,271 were primary, secondary and vocational education students, and a further 78,712 individuals, groups and open-day visitors.

The Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation

The mission of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation, set up in 1992 by GAS NATURAL FENOSA, is to educate, train, inform and raise awareness throughout society of energy and environmental issues. It also develops social action programmes nationally and internationally, by influencing particular initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability. It promotes initiatives in the cultural sphere that are geared to preserving and disseminating the historical heritage of the gas and electricity sector through the Gas Museum and Bolarque Museum, as well as educating and stimulating society artistically through the multi-disciplinary space of the Contemporary Art Museum.

The Gas Museum, which was inaugurated in 2012 and is unique in Spain, is a top-class corporate museum facility which deals with the past, present and future of energy. It has its own collection with over 3,200 original items which is continually growing. Throughout the year it offers numerous exhibitions and cultural and educational activities, as well as travelling initiatives across the country, with the aim of transmitting the values of efficiency, responsible energy consumption and preserving the industrial heritage of energy, as well as encouraging scientific and technological vocations.

Thanks to this track record and a quality programme, the Gas Museum has been recognised as a centre of excellence, establishing alliances with important institutions in the fields of culture and education, and awarded the Educational Quality Seal by the Barcelona Pedagogical Coordination Council. One of the Gas Museum’s main goals is to promote the integration and inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion throughout its programmes, adapting them to users with special abilities and third-sector institutions.